Shipping: All orders usually ship within 24 Hours and include TRACKING. International orders also include INSURANCE.

Part Quality: New parts come from sealed sets only. Used parts are cleaned and examined for damage. All damaged parts are thrown away. If there is an issue with a used part please message me to resolve.

New Parts: All new parts come directly from sealed sets. New condition does not mean mint as parts jumble around during shipping.

New Minifigures: All New minifigures come assembled unless they are in a separate new sealed bag then they will be unassembled.

Fees / Limits

$1.00 Minimum order and No handling fees!

Cancelling Orders/Removing Items

PayPal fee is not refunded for canceled orders! 10% Restocking fee applies for order that have been pulled since I have to restock all the parts and adjust inventory on the site which takes time out of my day. Orders can be cancelled or items removed as long as I have not pulled the order. Please send a price quote ahead of placing the order if you are unsure of the purchase. 

Alternates / Part Variations

We do our best to correctly identify every part, but there may be minor variations with some parts. If you need a specific variation of a part (For example Type 1 vs a Type 3), please contact us prior to placing the order to ensure we have the quantity on hand. *We do not send replacement parts or refunds for variations unless a formal request was made and approved prior to ordering.

International Shipping

I Ship to 95% of the world. Please use instant checkout for international shipping. Due to shipping delays worldwide allow 15-60 days for delivery. I usually ship within 24 hours! Every order receives tracking and insurance. Buyers are responsible for paying any import fee or tax for your country.

Payment Terms

Payment with PayPal to protect me and you and is immediate with instant checkout. Every order gets a Tracking Number. Also accept Stripe for Credit Card Transactions if you do not want to use PayPal.


We all know it is nice to receive parts in an organized fashion. We do our best to ship in the most economical, but also consumer friendly way possible. If you have any special requests on how to pack your order, please let us know in the comments section of your order. Your order will come in a box or bubble mailer unless directly notified of other options. Most parts will be packaged in small plastic bags to keep them organized.

Returns / Missing Parts / Incorrect Parts

All refunds will be arranged via the Bricklink Message System. If you notice something is missing in your order, let me know and we will discuss the best possible solution. 

 Last Updated: 6 Jul 2020